Work Package 5

Integrated Knowledge Translation (IKT) and Dissemination

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Work Package 5 is about how we make sure the research from the IncludeAge project is useful to the middle to older aged older LGBT+ community and middle ot older aged people with Learning Disabilities. One part of this, is to make sure people have opportunities to share their views directly with policy makers and relevant practitioners. We will also look at different ways of making sure that we share our learning from the project in the right places, and that people hear about what the people who took part in the project experienced.  We will share our knowledge in different ways including through our own IncludeAge website, videos, blogs, news reports, social media releases, comics, policy briefs as well as more academic conference presentations, seminars, research meetings and publications.

WP5 Tasks

  • Task 1: Co-creation Workshops
  • Task 2: Knowledge Exchange
  • Task 3: Dissemination
  • Task 4: Outreach and Impact
  • Task 5: Manuscripts
  • Task 6: Public Engagement

WP5 Outputs

  • Output 1: Co-produced zines, graphic novels, audio and visual info-bites in Easy Read, and art formats
  • Output 2: Roadmap for change
  • Output 3: Integrated knowledge translation toolkit
  • Output 4: Journal articles
  • Output 5: Blogs
  • Output 6: A final report

WP5 Leads

  • Mei Lan Fang | University of Dundee
  • Jenna Breckenridge | University of Dundee
  • Leon Hamilton | Outside the Box
  • Grace Cardozo | Sleeping Giants

WP5 Timeline

  • Months 6-40