Work Package 2

Understanding Place Experiences of People with Learning Disabilities and LGBT+ People

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Work Package 2 is about capturing the experiences inclusion, exclusion and community participation of middle to older aged LGBT+ people or middle to older aged people with Learning Disabilities in different places. This might mean places in their geographical, interest or online communities, and we will explore how past experiences shape experience in the present day. The focus here is to investigate how welcome and included or left out our excluded different people feel in different places, and what contributes to that, so that as a group we can think of ways to improve feelings and experiences of inclusion.

WP2 Tasks

  • Task 1: Ethical Approval and Instrument Design
  • Task 2: Recruitment
  • Task 3: Data Generation – Life Course Interviews, The Place Study, Organizational Interviews
  • Task 4: The Place Study Data Co-analysis and Story Maps
  • Task 5: Social Network Data Generation and Co-analysis

WP2 Outputs

  • Output 1: Story maps
  • Output 2: Multiple layers of analysis
  • Output 3: Social Network sociograms linked to place
  • Output 4: Journal articles

WP2 Leads

  • Darren Chadwick | Liverpool John Moores University
  • Kathryn Almack | University of Hertfordshire
  • Mei Lan Fang | University of Dundee

WP2 Timeline

  • Months 5-22