Work Package 3

Integrating and Learning from Stories of People with Learning Disabilities and LGBT+ People

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Work Package 3 is bioanalyzing and interpreting the experiences of middle to older aged LGBT+ people and middle to older aged people with Learning Disabilities that we have gathered in work package 2. We will work with our people from our different participant communities, our co-researchers and people who work with communities and to analyse our data together.  To do this, we will use different types of workshops such as data synthesis workshops and dialogue workshops to develop shared understandings of what this information means. We can use these understandings to think about how communities might support older LGBT+ people or older people with Learning Disabilities to feel included, welcome, and able to live active lives.

WP3 Tasks

  • Task 1: Data synthesis workshops
  • Task 2: Deliberative dialogue sessions

WP3 Outputs

  • Output 1: Creation of AGOL story maps
  • Output 2: Ideas for potential solutions to issues identified
  • Output 3: Journal articles
  • Output 4: Info-bites/media outputs for websites

WP3 Leads

  • Judith Sixsmith | University of Dundee
  • Susan Levy | University of Dundee

WP3 Timeline

  • Months 20-30