Work Package 4

Listening for Directions and Co-Developing Solutions

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Work Package 4 is about bringing together all that we have learned so far and finding ways to use that knowledge to inform positive change where it is needed. This will involve creative and arts-based activities to work out potential solutions to barriers to inclusion, build on facilitators of inclusions and create pathways for our potential solutions to reach policy and practice decision makers Using workshops and events, we will develop ideas of effective ways to improve community inclusion for middle to older aged LGBT+ people and those with a Learning Disability.

WP4 Tasks

  • Task 1: Listening for Directions
  • Task 2: Evidence into Practice
  • Task 3: Promising Solutions

WP4 Outputs

  • Output 1: Visioning solutions
  • Output 2: Policy briefs
  • Output 3: Policy and practice recommendations and guidelines

WP4 Leads

  • Kathryne Almack | University of Hertfordshire
  • Mark Smith |University of Dundee
  • Ruth Callander | Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities

WP4 Timeline

  • Months 25-36