Work Package 4

Listening for Directions and Co-Developing Solutions

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Work Package 4 is about bringing together all we have learned in Work Packages 1-3 and finding ways to use that knowledge to improve community inclusion where needed. We will run creative and arts-based activities to work out potential solutions to reduce barriers to and promote enablers of community inclusion for middle to older aged people with Learning Disabilities and LGBT+ people.


  • Task 1: Listening for Directions
  • Task 2: Evidence into Practice
  • Task 3: Promising Solutions


  • Output 1: Visioning solutions
  • Output 2: Co-Creating ideas for potential solutions to issues identified

Team Leads

  • Kathryn Almack | University of Hertfordshire
  • Ruth Callander | Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities
  • Mark Smith | University of Dundee