International Visibility

Learn about our International Visibility

Information on International Reference Group activities, national and international conferences and seminars, and significant links with organisations from across the globe will be included below as the project progresses. Check back for updates!

Check out the conferences presentations that have been presented so far, below.

Presentation: Steering Group Meeting Feb 2024

Presentation: Inclusive Aging and Digital Place-Making in AgeTech

Presentation: Intersectional Perspectives for Community Inclusion: Understanding the Past and Shaping the Future with Older Marginalised IDD and LGBT+ People

Presentation: Using Mixed Auto/Biographical Methods

Presentation: Inclusive Place-Making with Seldom Heard

Presentation: Intersectional Perspectives for Community Inclusion

Presentation: CAG IDD Group Meeting Oct 2023

Presentation: Queer on the Ground

Presentation: Steering Group Meeting Oct 2023