Work Package 1

Working Together and Community Engagement

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Work package 1 is about working together with middle to older aged people with Learning Disabilities and with LGBT+ people as part of the project team. We will do this by sharing information in a respectful way between everyone. We will do this by developing Community Advisory Groups to help guide the project, and by training people to do research as co-researchers in the team. We follow community-based participatory research principles. These principles include effective collaboration, active shared learning, mutual respect, equity and inclusion, democratic participation, collective action and personal integrity. As well, we have set up an International Reference Group of interested stakeholders to comment on the work we are doing. They also help us to capture different cultural understandings of inclusion.


Task 1: Transdisciplinary Work Structure
Task 2: Community Advisory Groups
Task 3: Co-researcher Training Workshops
Task 4: International Reference Group


Output 1: IncludeAge introduction video
Output 2: Co-produced logic model
Output 3: Communication plan
Output 4: Concordat for publication and dissemination
Output 5: Impact evaluation and tracking plan

Team Leads

Susan Buell | University of Dundee
Anna Marriott | National Development Team for Inclusion
Pat Scrutton | Intergenerational National Network