Project Photo Gallery

See snapshots of our project below.

Trip to Nottingham – Oct 2023

Photos of IncludeAge’s trip to Nottingham in October 2023.

IncludeAge Trip to Brazil – Nov 2023

Photo of Judith Sixsmith, IncludeAge’s Principle Investigator, and new friends from the Universidade Federal do Ceara. Judith traveled to Brazil in November 2023 and presented on inclusive place-making with seldom-heard people to present at the university. See presentation HERE.

Dudley Co-Researcher Training Days – Oct 2023

Photos of IncludeAge’s Dudley Co-Researcher training days in October 2023.

IncludeAge Community Advisory Group (CAG) – The Discovery Group

Photos of IncludeAge’s The Discovery Group Community Advisory Group (CAG). The Discovery Group CAG focuses on Learning Disabilities and is made up of third sector stakeholders and those with lived experiences relevant to the project.

IncludeAge Intro Video Filming

Photos from the IncludeAge introduction video filming day on August 23, 2023.

IncludeAge Work Package 2 Workshop

Photos from an IncludeAge Work Package 2 Co-Researcher workshop in Nottingham.